About Manaram Library

1. Background:
According to the Organization Registration Act, 2034 (1977) Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 is a non-government social organization as of Nepal Bikram Sambat 2068(2011) Bhadra registered in District Administration Office, Kathmandu. Prior to the registration, at dinner party held by the chairman of the Marysvile City at his own home when the current General Secretary Rajan Lamsal Lions as a multiple council chairperson visited an International Convention along with almost a hundred people that included the foundation’s Patron Lion Man Maya Shrestha, Chairman Lion Ram Bahadur Shrestha, current Vice President Lion Sujan Kumar Shrestha, Lifetime Member Suman Kumar Shrestha along with lifetime member Indu Lamsal, a discussion was held and it was decided that a fund be created to help the education in Nepal develop, as a result of which the foundation was registered.

2. Library Establishment and Operation :

The foundation initially had a mission to build at least 75 libraries in total that covered all 77 districts of Nepal within 5 years of establishment. But today, the foundation has been able to build libraries in 154 community schools in all 77 districts of Nepal. To ensure that the library feels like their own, a condition has been set up where the school’s teachers/staff or members of the management will personally contribute a total of at least Rs.10,000 for the library. After such collection, the school that wants to build a Manaram library is to get in contact with the foundation with the administration committee’s members’ signatures, following which the foundation shall create a fixed deposit account of Rs. 1 lakh in the name of the library by adding a maximum amount of Rs. 90,000. Apart from the fixed deposit amount, the foundation shall provide the school with books worth Rs. 35,000 at most. It will be the responsibility of the school to implement the said library’s capacity expansion and perpetual management and administration with adequate planning. Co-operation with the foundation can be carried out as needed.

On Falgun 20th In the year of establishment 2068 (3 March , 2012), Manaram libraries were built in 15 community schools covering 14 zones, one of which was where the chairman’s childhood school – Bagishwori Uchcha Ma. Vi. (Secondary School) Following that, a network of 5 libraries on 2069 Falgun 20th (3 March , 2013), 35 libraries on 2070 Magh 16th (30 January , 2014), 32 on 2071 Shrawan 17th (2 August , 2014) and 13 libraries on 2071 Falgun 26th (10 March , 2015) began operations in 154 community schools in all 77 districts. Along with that, Manaram Libraries are also in operation in Krishna Dham, Radha Krishna Sewa Sanstha in Chabahil, Kathmandu.

3. Honors :
The foundation got the opportunity to work within the core organizing committee at the 7th Library Day on the 15th of Bhadra, 2071 (28 August , 2014). Along with that, the foundation received an award as excellent library serving organization from the hands of the respected Education Minister Chitrakala Yadav.

4. Publications :
With the aim of introducing personalities and folk tunes of Sankhuwasabha and encouraging writers at the same time, Gopal Prasad Niraula’s “Arun Upatyaka ko Sankshipta Shaikshik Itihas” and “Arun Uptyaka ka Lokbhaka” written by Tara Bahadur Budhathoki were published through the foundation. As a result of our foundation’s dedication to publish a memoir every year, the second issue has been published this year.

5. E-Library :
As the capability of the established libraries grows, the foundation has decided to take the idea of E-libraries ahead in areas with internet access. Things are being looked into to take this project ahead starting with Himalaya Higher Secondary School in Khadbari in the near future.

6. Participation in Literacy Campaign :
The Government of Nepal has begun a national campaign to abolish illiteracy. To make this initiative successful, positive initiative from the government and non-government organizations’ side is absolutely essential. The foundation has decided to cooperate with the District Education Office along with various government and non government offices to eliminate illiteracy in Sankhuwasabha district.